• “Training with Aimée has literally been life changing! Her drive is infectious and she has inspired me to push beyond my limits, but most importantly to never give up. She is tough and motivating yet gentle and encouraging. After working out with Aimée for about half a year my body has changed so much and I’ve managed to achieve the goals I’ve set with her help. I have a plump butt now! Thanks Aimée, for the sweaty times and motivation!” – Desiree, 27


  • “I had let my fitness slip over the last couple of years and was looking to get back to a decent level of fitness while building up some strength. Aimée took a small group of us for circuit training every week and pushed us to our limits in short intensive sessions. The sessions were enjoyable and Aimée was supportive throughout, giving advice on how to improve our techniques and what to work on between sessions. I’d highly recommend her.” – David, 31


  • “Aimée has massively contributed to the transformation in my diet and physical lifestyle. She can, without fail, fuel my drive to break through any of my physical or mental barriers!” – Jordon, 22


  • “Aimée has a great sense of the client that she’s dealing with. For me, Aimée is always there, willing and ready to provide support when needed in the best possible way…a genuine way. I get such a great sense from Aimée that for her, this isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. In being one of her clients you get that passion too, it’s contagious! She helps you reach the goals you’ve set through unwavering support. A true inspiration.” – Colette, 25


  • “I thought I was fairly fit before but after my first session with Aimée I could barely walk. Over the course of just a few weeks, I could feel my overall strength and stamina greatly improve. Aimée was encouraging throughout but was never afraid to let you know if you were slacking – that was the great thing about the sessions. Even though I might not have felt ‘in the mood’ or was making excuses in my head why I wouldn’t be able to complete the session, Aimée somehow always gave the encouragement and motivation to see it out to the end – and the results were therefore much more impressive that if I was to just train alone. Thanks for it all Aimee!” – Peter, 31


  • “I think it’s fair to say I can be a very difficult client. I like the idea of exercise and certainly like its benefits, but very rarely manage to convince myself to get up, get my trainers on and do it. Aimée understood this about me from our first session together and she has always made an effort to make me understand that I do actually WANT to exercise. Her sessions are fun, varied and effective. She tailors her program around what I want to achieve and how best to get that result, in a way that makes me want to come back the next day. My motivation to get in the gym these days is that I know she will be there to push me. Ultimately, when I am in the gym with her I’m not having a boring gym session, I’m having a lot of fun and getting fit at the same time!” – Sonya, 25