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I love it when a rhyme comes together! I’m nearly 3 weeks into ‘eating the paleo way’ and yes there have been some times when I’ve had to make accommodations, like when I was at my brother’s place for dinner and I had told him the basics of what I do/don’t eat but forgot to get specific so in the chili that was made there was corn and kidney beans. It would have taken me all night to pick those bits out so I just made an allowance. I don’t want to be really difficult when other people are kind enough to cook me food! Other than that though I have been able to avoid grains, refined sugar and dairy (except of course for the little splash that goes in my tea). Last week I was really craving some bread and last night, while watching Heston Blumenthal make a huge chocolate biscuit I was soooooo close to nipping out to the shop to buy a packet of chocolate hobnobs. Mmmmm, hobnobs… But thankfully I didn’t! Partially because of willpower, partially because I was already in my pjs.

Anyways, I am still determined to keep it up as best I can. I’m not going to beat myself up over a few kidney beans because I know I’m doing the best that I can and it really is benefiting me! I don’t feel bloated or tired after meals and knowing that I’m eating good, fresh and healthy food is making me feel good about myself. And what I’m eating is really tasty and has made me a bit more inventive and creative with what I eat.

I’ve branched out a bit with breakfast, I love my smoothies but I have conjured up a few ideas to vary my choices:

      Pancakes, bacon and banana Pancake and fruit breakfast Banana porridge

Here we have pancakes (I LOVE pancakes, I just can’t get enough of them, oh my god I just want them, like RIGHT NOW! nom). Sorry, I get a little carried away when it comes to pancakes. I made these ones by adapting Jamie Oliver’s American Pancakes recipe. I used almond flour instead of regular and almond milk instead of regular. They were even better than the real thing! Topped with (slightly too) crispy bacon, banana and maple syrup. The second picture is my pancake left overs which I brought into work (best idea EVER!) with cashew nut butter (another love of mine) and banana, and I had half a grapefruit and a kiwi. Lastly, I’ve invented banana porridge! 2 mashed bananas and top with all your favourite fruit and seeds! I haven’t tried heating the bananas yet but perhaps I will soon…if I’m brave enough! Which sounds best to you?

Lunch has been a mix of dinner leftovers and what ever I can buy in the shop close to my office and throw together to make a decent lunch. Results have always ended up being pretty tasty:

Chicken salad Simple chicken and SP lunch Turkey, red and green salad

As you can see chicken/turkey is a strong contender for the meat part of lunch. What I have available to me is not 100% strictly paleo but I’m getting better at picking out the more suitable products. And I love me a salad, so long as it’s got oomph! I love adding nuts and seeds to my salads, sun-dried tomatoes are another genius addition and I’ve been having lots of spiralised courgette (aka courgetti). I’ve just bought a new spiralizer – a Zoodle Chef – which my friend Fei has and really recommends so I’m looking forward to trying out some other vegetables like sweet potato noodles and butternut squash.

Now for the good stuff. As you know, I have a massive sweet tooth and it hasn’t fully subsided. I think the best part about eating the paleo way is discovering all the alternative ways of making your favourite treats and learning how to make new ones! Like these:

SP Brownies Pear crumble Banana and Cashew cup

No, your eyes do not deceive you. These are indeed beautiful paleo treats. Cast your eyes upon Sweet Potato brownies, Pear Crumble and Cashew nut butter and banana chocolate cups inspired by (I have a serious cooking crush on this girl!) My friend Colette (who has been a bit of an inspiration for me to try paleo) has been telling me about this website for ages and I just never really took the time to look at the recipes but I really recommend it, I’m hooked now! It’s brilliant, the recipes are nice and simple and no really obscure ingredients which you can sometimes find with paleo recipes. I’m still new to it all so I don’t have tapioca flour or coconut blossom syrup yet!

So, what’s next on the list of things to make? Well, I had hoped to but didn’t get time to make some homemade Bounty bars so I’ll try and give them a go sometime this week or next weekend, and seeing as I was craving something biscuity maybe I’ll try my hand at making these Fig Newton bars, similar to Fig Rolls which were hugely popular in my house when I was growing up. Maybe then I’ll finally know, how do they get the figs into the fig rolls… (a joke only the Irish will get I’m sure!)

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