Healthy Eating Tips

There’s so much information out there on what we should or shouldn’t be eating that it can be just plain confusing! Here is a basic guide to get you started:

  1. Drink water. Simple and I’m sure you know it already. It’s recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of water per day, or about 2 litres. If you are very active then you should be drinking more as you lose even more water when you sweat.
  2. Avoid processed foods. They tend to contain a lot of additives and ingredients that aren’t always natural. In my opinion, natural is best so try to stick to eating things that are fresh and don’t have a long list of ingredients on the package.
  3. Say no to fizzy drinks. The regular versions contain a lot of sugar and the diet versions may contain “zero calories and zero sugar” but they contain chemicals to create the drink that still tastes just as good. I understand that it may be difficult to cut them out completely, but try to cut down and experiment with alternatives like sparkling water with lemon and mint leaves. By adding fruit to plain water you can enjoy the nice flavours and still be doing your body good.
  4. Know your fats. Some fats are actually good for you and are essential for many functions in the body. Good fat sources include avocado, coconut, olive oil and nuts. If you’re interested in reading more about fats, I recommend this article.
  5. Fancy a treat? Try dark chocolate. 70% cocoa solids and above qualifies as the “good kind” and it’s so rich you won’t be able to eat the whole bar! I like Divine Chocolate or Green & Blacks, just make sure if you’re getting a bar of dark chocolate with flavours in it to check the cocoa solids, as sometimes they can be reduced.


We will chat about a healthy eating approach to your lifestyle in your free consultation and find out what works best for you.