Pre and Post-Natal Exercise




I am qualified in Designing Pre and Post-Natal Exercise Programmes. I believe it is extremely important to maintain fitness throughout pregnancy and afterwards as there are numerous benefits for both mother and baby, such as:

  • reduced swelling
  • reduced maternal weight gain
  • easier, shorter labours and reduction in labour pain
  • help to maintain fitness
  • quicker post-natal recovery
  • increased energy

When you discover the wonderful news that you are expecting there is a lot to do and prepare for. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be much information provided to expectant mothers on how to continue, or begin exercising safely throughout pregnancy. Similarly, post pregnancy a lot of women aren’t provided with sufficient information on how to safely return to exercise.

I want to help you feel fabulous during and after your pregnancy. If you are interested in feeling your best and dedicating yourself some “me time”, email me for more information: